Aquicultura Balear is the hatchery of the Culmárex Group in Palma de Mallorca, dedicated to the production of Seabream (Sparus aurata) and Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fry, the only private capital Aquaculture company  in the Balearic Islands, the largest hatchery in Spain of juveniles of these species and one of the largest in the Mediterranean.

It is the leading producer of Seabream and Seabass fry for their high technical development and high quality standards in production. Adding value to the farmed Seabream and Seabass fry of Culmárex Group:

- Location: sanitary, logistical and commercial strategic location on the island of Palma de Mallorca;

- Supply of seawater: from underground sources, under anoxic conditions, free of pathogens, suspended solids and a constant annual temperature of 20 ° C;

- Certification "Friend of the Sea".

The plant has the most innovative means to control and manage fish, ensuring high quality juveniles and the best animal welfare conditions.


Three areas, Seabream, Seabass and Genetics:

- all samples of the Hatcheries egg production specimens are stocked,

- controlling photoperiod and thermo-yielding, obtaining quantity and quality throughout the year,

- breeding program, in collaboration with different companies and research organizations for continuous improvement of our fry.


Throughout the productive campaign they are harvesting different egg production of both species, collected in the incubation unit, with relevant quality controls to ensure the established criteria.


During the first 35 days of life of the larva, food intake starts with rotifer and shrimp, which are produced in our own facilities, with advanced oxygenation systems, temperature, light and humidity control, optimizing all the natural resources offered by the location in which we are based.


Up to 80 days of life in this area, passing from larva to juveniles, classified by size.


Our fry remain in the nursery until 100 days of life, where most of the quality control processes occur.


Between 100 and 170 days, the fry become juveniles, until they are ready to be transferred to the various farms of the Culmárex Group, along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.



The fish are transported in a special boat (wellboat) to be discharged directly to our offshore fish farms.

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