The Highest Quality Seabream and Seabass

In the Culmárex Group we have established as the basis for all processes, production, packaging and marketing of High Quality Foods, satisfying the requirements and needs of the customers, guaranteeing an 'up and down' traceability in each and every one of our products, allowing us to track at every stage and process, respecting the environment, health and animal welfare, ensuring compliance with current legislation.

We continually work on Integrated Management Systems which establishes, describes, processes and documents the different methods and ways of working at all production levels. In addition, since August 2004, we guarantee full traceability of all our products, with a management system, hazard analysis, critical points, hygiene and labelling according to the regulations in force.


The Integrated Management System, overlapped with the Quality System, allows us to:

- check and verify all our production processes,

- standardize and communicate the entire production process through the supply chain,

- integrate recognized standards for Quality, Environment , Safety and Occupational Health, food Safety, Animal Welfare, Sustainability...,

- manage, control and reduce food safety hazards,

- compliance with legal requirements,

- control and regularize our service providers,

- integrate the major HACCP,

- meet the requirements and specifications of our customers.


Our priority is to cultivate safe and healthy foods for which we invest in research to improve our products and processes: - Research projects and national development: "Program of  genetic selection for improved growth of Seabream" - Research and development in collaboration with other companies, "SUMERGI + DOS: development of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems assisted by advanced submarine technology" - European projects: "OrAqua - European aquaculture Science-based Recommendations for further development of the EU regulatory framework and  to underpin future growth in the sector ", - Collaboration with research centres:" Prevention and mitigation of escapes of fish in offshore aquaculture ".

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