The Celebrities of the Carnival of Águilas recive their weight in local products.

The Celebrities of the Carnival of Águilas get their weight products in local products, donated by different local companies, in a friendly act where these representative figures of the largest...


Cúlmárex dones 100 kgs. of Seabream and Seabass.

Through Cáritas Region of Murcia, Culmárex Group donated this Xmas 100 kgs. of Culmárex bream & bass, to be distributed among the neediest local and regional families.

As we have...


¡Visit us at the largest seafood show in Europe!

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Discover the flavors of Ecológica Culmárex®

Discover a new way to consume one of the best fish of our Mediterranean diet: the seabream and the seabass preserves, in olive oil and natural, and also organic farming, in the...


Culmárex® Seabream and Seabass in Boston.

Culmárex Group has been in the largest seafood show in America, the Seafood Expo North America, with seafood professionals all over the world. Culmárex® Seabream and Seabass was...


Culmárex Seabream "Ajo Pescador"

For two people - Preparation time: 40 minutes.-

INGREDIENTS: 1 Culmárex Seabream of 800 grams, 1 small cauliflower, 1 zucchini, parsley, egg, curry, oil, salt, lemon...

Culmárex Seabass "a la murciana".

For two people - 30 minutes.-

INGREDIENTS: 1 Culmárex Seabass of 500 grs., 2 potatoes, 1 onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 fresh tomatoe, pinions, olive oil, parsley, bay, pepper, white wine...


Culmárex Seabream & Seabass, quality and origin.


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